Businesses and schools donate supplies to hospital.

Spartanburg schools and businesses are rising to a "mask challenge" from their local hospital.

With supplies of personal protection equipment running low in hospitals across the nation, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System asked for donations from members of the community who have their own supplies.

At least nine organizations have responded to the mask challenge, donating supplies from their own reserves, according to a news release from Spartanburg Regional.

"Like healthcare systems across the country, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is experiencing increased demand for face masks, goggles, face shields and N95 or similar masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic," the news release said. "Thankfully, we are part of a generous community."

On Friday, Upstate businesses, universities, school districts and large manufacturers began donating masks and other protective gear to Spartanburg Regional's medical team.

"We are living in unprecedented times...

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