Business insurance: what's what.


Adequate insurance protection is vital for businesses f all sizes. No matter how careful you are as a business operator, accidents happen. Here is a list of common business coverage options:

* Property--Covers losses sustained as a result of damage or destruction, theft or loss of real or personal property.

* Liability--Protects against losses sustained as a result of monetary or legal claims by individuals. Such losses and claims may, for example, result from injury or property damage caused by defective products, faulty installations or errors in services provided.

* Business interruption--Covers the loss of income resulting from a fire or other disaster that disrupts the operation of your business. Such policies often also cover extra expenses incurred by operating out of a temporary location. Keep in mind that you may save money on your monthly premiums by using a business owner's policy (BOP) which charges one premium for several different types of coverage, including property, liability and business interruption insurance.

Other helpful policies

* Business automobile coverage may be required if you have an automobile used primarily for business. If your employees also drive...

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