Business for Responsible Tax Reform rebranding, refocusing.

Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform is adjusting its name and focus.

Co-chaired by Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce, the newly christened Small Business for America's Future will lobby for policies that support entrepreneurship and help small businesses keep pace with larger competitors in areas such as health insurance, tax requirements and economic security, according to a news release.

"Small business owners are feeling abandoned by our leaders at the worst possible time. That's shameful," Knapp said. "They did their part to help prevent the spread of the (COVID-19) virus by closing down. It's time for our leaders to do their part and address critical issues such as access to capital to make sure our small businesses survive, recover and grow."

A recent survey (.pdf) of 1,200 small business released by Small Business for America's Future found that 81% of respondents didn't believe the national leaders understood small business needs. Eight-four percent believed larger business interests were prioritized over the needs...

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