Bush and the cause of life.

Author:Eldred, Joe
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the Editor

I found Hadley Arkes' recent essay interesting and informative (see "Bush's Second Chance," April). But while I oppose homosexual "marriage," I am also opposed to amending the American Constitution for the purpose of defining marriage. I disagree with Arkes' assessment of President Bush as "a good, sympathetic man." If that were true, he would not be reluctant to make the pro-life argument in public or bring about real change. His may be "the most pro-life administration that has ever been assembled," but that isn't saying much.

I hope that if Bush continues to refuse to make the pro-life argument in public or bring about real change, as I suspect he will, Arkes and First THINGS will support the Constitution Party's candidates in 2008. We are not reluctant to make the pro-life case, and we agree that pro-life initiatives need not emanate from Congress.

Joe Eldred

Central Valley, New York

I'm surprised that Hadley Arkes is surprised that President Bush has been unwilling to expend political capital on behalf of the pro-life cause. In Texas, he preferred to govern by compromise and coalition-building. In Washington, we have seen this in his letting Senator Edward Kennedy write an education bill and in his acquiescing in Senator John McCain's campaign finance reform legislation, to name but two breaks with conservative principles. In last year's primary in Pennsylvania, Bush and the party...

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