Burton the Kind Scarecrow.

Author:Kramer, Lauren
Position:Children's review - Book review

V. A. Boeholt (author), Nathaniel P. Jensen (illustrator); BURTON THE KIND SCARECROW; Little Five Star (Children's: Juvenile Fiction) 11.95 ISBN: 9781589852020

Byline: Lauren Kramer

Burton the Kind Scarecrow is a story about sharing and giving of oneself to others. To relay this message author V.A. Boeholt uses a lonesome scarecrow standing in a farmer's field and watching over his garden. A protector of the farmer's vegetables, Burton does his utmost to prevent the animals around him from reducing the crop to nothing. When mice show an interest in nesting in a pumpkin, he offers them his hat and when the crows peck at the lines of beans he suggests they take his overalls instead. Burton offers his clothing to the rabbits to prevent them from taking the rhubarb. When the harvesters arrive, the field is intact and the vegetables are ready to be picked for market.

"A heap of thanks to Burton for protecting the crop," the farmer says. "Our family will have enough food until the next fall harvest and we also have plenty to sell." Burton is happy to help, but as the fall turns to winter he keeps offering the hungry birds and animals pieces of his outfit and straw stuffing until he himself disintegrates. In Spring the farmer declares the garden will need "a whole scarecrow to watch over it, not parts and scraps of a ruined one."

As Burton...

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