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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:'New Wave Facts About Flags', 'The Play Soldier', 'The Journey Into a Man's Broken Heart', 'The New Shogun', 'Poetry Thus Far: A Girl on the Verge', 'Methuselah' and 'Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro, & Play Like a Pro' - Book review

New Wave Facts About Flags

Black Dog Publishing


9781907317309, $15.00, www.blackdogonlrne.com

A flag is a symbol, and symbols can have quite the story all their own "New Wave Facts About Flags" traces the history of many of the world's flags and their constant variations. From national flags, to the development of flags of a nation under political upheaval, to sports flags, to pirate flags, and so much more, the book presents an intriguing assortment of history and trivia about our worlds path. "New Wave Facts About Flags" is a fine pick for anyone with a strong interest in world history and the concept of the flag.

The Play Soldier

Chet Green

Privately Published

9781591136446, $17.95, www.chetgreen.com

You can only play pretend for so long until it becomes reality. "The Play Soldier" follows Frank

Warz who in his travels assumes many roles to get by, his luck allowing him to get by But his luck is not infinite, and he will soon find the consequences of his lies. As he moves through Africa under the guise of a photographer, he learns quick the risks he takes. "The Play Soldier" is modern swashbuckling tale of sorts set sorts set in a near modern day conflict, a riveting read that will be hard to put down.

The Journey Into a Maris Broken Heart

Sabur Im


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456733964, $14.03, www.authorhouse.com

The broken heart of a man is not that different than a woman's. "The Journey Into a Man's Broken Heart" is a memoir of love and loss from Sabur Im as he recollects on trying to move on after love crushes them and the long road to recovery and finding love again after it all. "The Journey Into a Man's Broken Heart" is a touching story of the emotions of a man after romance falls and all that's left is pain.

The New Shogun

Malcolm Birkin

Sanford Pudge Publishing


9780620476072, $30.00, http://srpublishing.net

Decades of war do not go down without a fight. "The New Shogun" is a novel of the end of Japan's Sengoku period following a banished General as he tries to piece his life together meeting an Englishman, brushing with romance, and it all falls apart again when he is pulled into a plot to kill the Shogun, splitting him between love and duty, his happiness and plunging the world into war once more. "The New Shogun" is an exciting work of historical fiction, well worth considering for fens of Japanese history and political intrigue.

Poetry Thus Far


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