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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:Book review

The Beatles Discography

Stephen E. Donnelly

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432769246, $69.95, www.outskirtspress.com

The Beatles are likely the most influential music group of all time, and their extensive work is a big aspect of that. "The Beatles Discography Volume One-The 60s" traces the heyday of the band, tracking all of their releases throughout the decade including their international releases and solo work. Each entry has a full track listing and full color front/back cover artwork. For anyone looking for a comprehensive Beatles resource, "The Beatles Discography Volume One - The 60s" is a strongly recommended pick that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Great Leap-Fraud

  1. J. Deus


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450280563, $43.95, www.iuniverse.com

Ignorance is the greatest threat to the world today. "The Great Leap-Fraud: Social Economics of Religious Terrorism" is the first volume of a series from A. J. Deus, as he discusses how ignorance allows extremism and terrorism to flourish throughout the world's many faiths. Stating that the use of faith for evil goals is done by all three of the Abrahamic faiths and the power of culture, he provides a diagnosis that doesn't lay the blame on a single faith, yet instead all of the above. "The Great Leap-Fraud" is a worthy consideration for any student of religion.

The Deceiver

Clay Powell

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave., South, New York, NY 10016

9780533163366, $12.95, www.vantagepress.com

The evil of Satan lies in deception. "The Deceiver: The Deception of the Mind and the War for Man's Soul" is a spiritual discussion of Satan and how he enters our lives, as author Clay Powell quotes how Satan infiltrates our lives, allures us with success only to leave us with nothing. "The Deceiver" is a spiritual read that should be considered by any who fear Satan will enter or has entered their lives.

Treasures of the Soul

Tommie Walker

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave., South, New York, NY 10016

9780533159680, $12.95, www.vantagepress.com

Our soul pushes us through the harshness of life which is remarkable in itself. "Treasures of the Soul: Inspirational Reflections and Words of Wisdom" is a devotional guide from Reverend Tommie Walker who grants a fine dose of knowledge and life to grant readers a thoughtful unique understanding of...

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