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The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe

John F. Brinster

Xlibris Corporation

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9781456826826 $23.99 www.xlibris.com

The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe: The Enigma and Stigma of Imaginative Thought in an Era of Understanding is a treatise postulating that humanity worldwide is destined to slowly but surely grow more and more secular, abandoning beliefs in a humanlike God and an unproven afterlife, to the extent that one day being a "believer" will carry the stigma that being an "atheist" does now. Chapters explore how this "mechanistic" thought trend in abandoning god based religious beliefs will ultimately end social and military conflicts grounded in religious differences, and bring meaning to human life in an increasingly secular world. A reasoned and thought provoking account, The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe offers sober minded social predictions as well as a strong theological defense of atheism.

True to Life

Duane Ashley Poole

Outskirts Press

10940 S Parker Road 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432729035, $8.95, www.outskirtspress.com

The vitality of youth is an essence that everyone who grows past it yearns for once more. "True to Life" presents Duane Ashley Poole's youthful vigor in poetry form, as he blends hip hop and rap with traditional poetry. Worth considering for those looking for something different in poetry, "True to Life" is recommended. "Gamblers Lament": I went to a casino and played a few hands at black jack./Instantly dealt 21, the outcome was a lot of money, for me a nice stack./Suddenly I felt an immense source of greed./Something told me I'd win more, so instead of walking, I would proceed./Then starting to lose, noticing my stack was not as nice./I won myself a whole cake, now all I have left for show is a slice./Still on I played thinking my luck would change, and I'd win even more./Until I looked over at my money, starting not to feel so sure./But I kept on playing gradually down to my last cent./So annoyed at myself because that money was good for six months rent!./Now mad because I could have walked away with such a mighty fine stack//But being too greedy only meant I'd give it all back.

The Hunt

David Francis


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, In 47403

9781452012315, $14.99, www.authorhouse.com

When you have nothing to lose, chasing...

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