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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:Book review

Solving the Puzzle of IRR Equation

Yuri K. Shestopaloff & Alexander Yu. Shestopaloff

AKVY Press


9780981380094, $29.95, www.shestopaloff.ca

Understanding the mathematics of investment is key to success. "Solving the Puzzle of IRR Equation" is a study of economic theory in many writers from Yuri K. Shestopaloff & Alexander Yu. Shestopaloff as they present the many key elements of economics in maximizing one's profit through investments and dealing with the many variations with the sense of a mathematician. "Solving the Puzzle of IRR Equation" is an excellent pick for anyone who wants the hard numbers of investment.

Saving Redwind

Kris Yankee

Privately Published

9781463616670, $8.95, www.amazon.com

Wallpaper doesn't seem like the most exciting thing, but for Nick Stevenson, it may as well be. "Saving Redwind" follows eleven year old Nick finds something unusual beyond his bedroom's wallpaper, and finds himself in another world. Finding an adventure of his own, he finds that their continued existence may just rely on him to succeed. "Saving Redwind" is a fine read, not to be overlooked for young fiction readers.

Letting Go of Ed

Pippa Wilson

O Books

office1@o books.net

9781846946981, $16.95, www.o-books.net

In our pursuit for greater health, we often fall down paths that lead us in the wrong way. "Letting Go of Ed: A Guide to Recovering from Your Eating Disorder" discusses how to combat eating disorders that lead to irregular habits and the dangers they pose. With a focus on the general health in finding the eating disorder, it seeks to cure the cause instead of the symptoms. "Letting Go of Ed" is a read very much recommended for those who are in constant conflict with their diet.

Life Your Way

Amy Wood

Privately Published

9780615420769, $14.95, www.amywoodpsyd.com

Being the master of your own destiny just requires the willpower to plot the path of one's life. "Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breath Easier in a Fast-Paced World" is an inspirational read from psychologist Amy Wood as she advises readers to reclaim control of their life and try to discover what they truly want out of life, and how to adjust one's course to make that dream a reality. "Life Your Way" is an inspirational spin to help lean towards what you want out of life.

The Family That Wasn't

Gene Twaronite


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450245173, $11.95, www.iuniverse.com

The shame we have in those closest to us...

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