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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:Memoirs and novels - Recommended readings

Hunger, Nakedness, & Cold

Claudio Plazas

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave, South, New York, NY 10016

9780533163595, $24.95, www.vantagepress.com

The resiliency of the human spirit is terrifying when you see it to its fullest extent. "Hunger, Nakedness, & Cold" is a memoir from Claudio Plazas, as he tells his story of coming up as an illegitimate son in a small rural village in Columbia, scraping away struggling to survive through it all, struggling to survive, joining the military, before taking he and his children to America in hopes of finally finding happiness. "Hunger, Nakedness, & Cold" is a moving story of the drive of the human spirit to find something better, for themselves and for their future.

The Fantastical Mystery of Ritterhouse Fay

Donovan O'Malley

Lemon Gulch Books

9789197918862, $15.40, www.lemongulchbooks.com

A new neighbor brings some changes, but the people around Fay don't know what their in for. "The Fantastical Mystery of Ritterhouse Fay" follows the unusual nature of Fay, the woman who alters everything around her in her rows of flats. Voices, witches, and much more spin into a very entertaining novel, making "The Fantastical Mystery of Ritterhouse Fay" very much worth considering.

Death Rides a Palomino

Thomas McNulty

Privately Published

9780557367382, $15.95, www.amazon.com

The fight for justice is never easy in the old west. "Death Rides a Palomino" is a novel from Thomas McNulty as he brings an old west thriller of Sheriff Bob Carter and the unusual characters of his town. As a stranger comes in, evil has come with him, and it's up to Sheriff Carter and his wits to bring justice back to his town. With an additional western short story, "Death Rides a Palomino" is worth considering for any western lover.

God's Perfect Plan

Mark Paul Bishop

Tate Publishing

127 E. Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064

9781617398421, $18.99, www.tatepublishing.com

Realizing one's destiny is important for embracing one's relationship with God. "God's Perfect Plan" is a Christian memoir from Dr. Mark Paul Bishop, who discusses his faith and his profession and how they intertwine. Stating that the absence of God in our lives leads to an emptiness, he states his own experiences as a physician and seeing this come alive. "God's Perfect Plan" is a spiritual and recommended memoir, not to be overlooked for Christian readers.

When Once I Lived

John S. Oney

Privately Published

9780981809014, $17.95, www.amazon.com

History is filled with the...

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