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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:'Three Strikes: A Soldier's Story', 'Pretty People Are Highly Flammable', 'Lost & Found', 'Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith', 'The Cleveland Rutters: One Daughter's Retrospection' and 'Revelations' - Book review

Burroughs' Bookshelf

Three Strikes

Diedra Cole


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450246224, $13.95, www.iuniverse.com

When the deck is stacked against you can find life quite hard to overcome. "Three Strikes: A Soldier's Story" is a memoir of Diedra Cole who shares her experience of life as an African American Disabled Woman, who states that each of these adjectives grants her difficulty in life and everything else about her. Calling herself a spiritual warrior, she shares her story of overcoming the challenge of life to find meaning and happiness when all are against her. "Three Strikes" is a fine read, very much worth considering.

Pretty People Are Highly Flammable

Gerry Walker

Privately Published

9780578051826, $13.95, www.dirtopera.com

A childhood is nothing in the face of corrupting success. "Pretty People Are Highly Flammable" brings together a group of childhood friends who find themselves surging up society in high society Nashville, but success conies with a price, as lies, deceit, and betrayal lurk everywhere, leaving love and friendship kicked to the side. And soon, dead bodies will enter the picture.

"Pretty People Are Highly Flammable" is hard to put down, very highly recommended reading.

Lost & Found

Charles Samuel Betts


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456721466, $18.00, www.authorhouse.com

Love's challenges come with living life. "Lost & Found" is a collection of stories tied to romance and emotion by psychologist Charles Samuel Betts who crafts stories of people coming to terms with their emotional issues and conquering them through their own power. With a strong message, "Lost & Found" is to be considered for anyone seeking uplifting stories of overcoming one's problem and finding something to love.

Georgia Justice Journey to Faith

Jackie Carpenter

Xulon Press

2180 West State Road 434, Suite 2140, Longwood, FL 32779

9781612157689, $14.99, www.xulonpress.com

Falsely accused, it can be hard to find hope in bleakness. "Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith" is a novel based on a true story following Jackie Carpenter, a mother of a man accused of murder. Following her story of praying for miracle of...

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