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Author:Burroughs, John
Position:Book review

Surviving My Happy Childhood

Jim Carpenter

Privately Published

9780979852657, $12.95

Even when it goes well there can be problems. "Surviving My Happy Childhood" is a collection of short stories from Jim Carpenter who comes to readers with a simple collection discussing the simple problems of youth. With a distinctly Midwestern flavor, Carpenter's work is sure to stir up memories as well as it entertains and brings new light to what's considered normal. "Surviving My Happy Childhood" is a fine assortment, sure to please.

Chapter & Verse

Sim Warkov & Collaborators

Conflux Press

PO Box 352, Corte Madera, CA 94976

9780982602430, $16.00

The place of the Jew is one that has never been universally decided in history. "Chapter & Verse: Poems of Jewish Identity" is a collection of poetry from several Jewish writers as they discuss what it means to be a modern Jew, in a society that may not condemn them yet does not fully understand them. Presenting a thoughtful blend of opinion with excellent poetry, "Chapter & Verse" is not a collection to be overlooked. "To Our Children" by Susan Terris: Instead of using the staircase,/risk the tendriled stalks of ivy/and drop into muddy copse below./Your great-grandfathers understood mud/as they slogged from village to village/peddling pots and ribbons and scissors.//They knew days with no light, nights/with no heat, years with no safety--/years of pogroms, famine, and loss.//But, still, you may collar their essence/if shaking pearls from your ears,/you can know wet boots and the windfall.

A Vow Fulfilled

Fran Laufer

Targum Press

22700 W. Eleven Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48034

9781568715025, $21.99, www.targum.com

The Holocaust twisted many lives, and there are many stories of those who found their way back from hell. "A Vow Fulfilled: The Fran Laufer Story: Memories and Miracles" is her own recollection of how she battled back herself to find her own piece of mind as she fought for her life and spending years under their thumb, stealing to survive. A touching story of the drive for life and to make something better for it all, "A Vow Fulfilled" is a riveting tale and is very highly recommended for biography and memoir collections.

The Syllable That Opened an Eye

Micah Cavaleri

Dead Man Publishing

PO Box 349, Dollar Bay, MI 49922

9780982701409, $10.50

The simplest of revelations can change so much. "The Syllable That Opened an Eye" is a collection of poetry and philosophy from Micah Cavaleri. A unique style with...

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