Burnout a Factor for Many Workers.


The country is nearly at full employment, but U.S. workers also may be approaching full burnout. On the heels of the World Health Organization defining it as a syndrome resulting from workplace stress, a survey from staffing firm Accountemps, Menlo Park, Calif., found that 96% of senior managers believe their team members are experiencing some degree of burnout. In a separate survey, 91% of workers indicate that they are at least somewhat burned out.

Senior managers were asked to report the level of burnout among employees on a scale of one (not at all burned out) to 10 (completely burned out), and the average was 5.6. One in five respondents rated their team's burnout level eight or higher. Workers also cited an average burnout level of 5.6, with 28% falling within the eight to 10 range.

Workers and managers alike seem to agree burnout is an issue, but they do not see eye to eye on the main reason. When...

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