500 S. Spencer Road

Newton, KS 67114 USA

Tel: 316-284-2020

Email: Sales,Newton@buntingmagnetics.com


Bunting, formerly known as Bunting Magnetics, is not your typical die-cutting cylinder manufacturer. Rather than producing standard die-cutting cylinders, we work to incorporate the latest innovations in magnetic technology into our magnetic decorating cylinders. This allows us to deliver high-performing, high-quality cylinders that combine cutting-edge design and engineering with the power and longevity that magnetic material provides. As our previous name indicates, we specialize m a wide variety of magnetic equipment, including magnetic separation, metal detection, conveying equipment, and more. While our company is diverse in its offerings, our magnetic decorating cylinders are one of the most popular products we offer, and we are committed to seeking continued innovation in our printing products.

Bunting has been a family-owned, family-operated company since 1959. After it was founded, the company grew rapidly as it developed a reputation for high-quality magnetic products such as industrial magnets, holding assemblies, and conveyor components. In 1975, Bunting broke ground in the magnetic printing industry as the company began designing, manufacturing, and selling magnetic printing products. Bunting magnetic printing cylinders and magnetic bases were found to be of high value as they saved a great deal of time and labor in flexographic, letterpress, dry offset, carbonizing, die-cutting, decorating, and other printing industry applications. Since entering the magnetic printing industry. Bunting has been known for breaking new ground and developing new products. Bunting was the first in the industry to build magnetic cylinders for the corrugated cylinder industry and dry offset market, as well as being one of the first...

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