Building on Our Positive Trajectory.

Author:Brown, William A.

Greetings. As we welcome the New Year it is time to reflect on our collective accomplishments in 2017--and "shove off" on our 2018 journey. We are excited because of all we have accomplished and where we are heading, by necessity, interconnected. We've adopted a theme for 2018 that reflects the overlap between 2017 and 2018: "Build on our positive trajectory!"

First, it is abundantly apparent to me that the NDTA/DOD relationship is as strong as ever. That said, we will look to continue to build these relationships with USTRANS-COM and its component commands (SDDC, MSC and AMC), the Services, Joint Staff and COCOMs and the new Office of the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment. We should all be encouraged by the strong turnout USTRANSCOM led at the 2017 Fall Meeting. It was incredible--at the leadership and deck plate levels--across all the partners I just mentioned! Many thanks. Our Nations ability to deter our adversaries continues to rely on the strong bond between DOD and Industry.

Over the last year, much has been accomplished to bring industry and DOD together. Our strong committee structure enabled the world class Fall Meeting--2 1/2 day plenary sessions, Transportation Academy, CEO and Committee meetings. Reviews from the 1,233 attendees were overwhelmingly positive. It was also a professional education success with 68 classes, in 14 fields of interest, 96 instructors and 4 senior military leaders leading seminars.

Working with the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO), we supported improvements in the government traveler experience and the efficiency of that process. The third annual GovTravels Seminar is in early March. Participants and sponsors are signing up now!

In particular, we have sustained work with USTRANSCOM and Industry to improve cyber protection, resiliency and education through an established Cyber Committee. This work will continue and we will closely follow USTRANSCOM's creativity to bring more protection and data capability through their cloud and Transportation Management System (TMS) initiatives. Read more about the Cyber Committee inside this issue of the...

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