Build a Winning Team With Franchise-Investors: Gaining a cash infusion from experienced investors who believe in your mission and partnering with like-minded franchisees can be an unbeatable combination.

Author:Davis, Ben

Being a franchisor means having the opportunity to empower others to pursue their dream of business ownership. You create a unique concept with a clear vision and strong values, then launch it into the world and train others to carry it forth, impacting their communities and leading their own teams to business success.

But before franchisors can empower other small-business owners through franchising, they must be able to expand their concept. Solid, smart growth takes capital, and franchisors often require investments to realize the full potential of this dream. When a franchisor is fortunate to find like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the concept and invest in their mission, it's a green light to realizing those goals.

The Gents Place was able to drive growth by bringing on entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Fame football player Emmitt Smith as a co-owner in 2016, and receiving an investment from Elevated Brands, a brand management and development company established by the principals of franchise concept Massage Heights. At the end of 2017, the company received a significant investment from Blue Star Innovation Partners, an investment venture for growth-stage companies founded by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the Jones family, and entrepreneur Rob Wechsler, chairman of Blue Star Sports.

What attracts two NFL powerhouses like Emmitt Smith and Jerry Jones to invest in a franchise brand? How is the franchising business model luring private equity and large investors into the game?


The Gents Place guests enjoy a high-quality hair service and shave, while also taking advantage of the luxuries of a modern spa. More than a modern barbershop or a unique concept in men's grooming, the company exists to "help men look and feel their most confident best."

The company's vision, values, and training program were developed to attract franchisees with a passion for empowering others. This brand was developed with meaning and purpose behind it. Much like Starbucks has moved from coffee brand to cultural icon, known for its commitment to communities and the environment. The Gents Place is on a mission to serve others and inspire personal and professional growth.

Emmitt Smith, a client of our franchise in Dallas before investing, saw the connection between helping men become more confident versions of themselves that, in turn, would help them succeed in their lives. "You perform your best when you look and feel...

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