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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
Position:'Daniel's Dream: The Founding of the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education and Scholarship Program', 'We X Infinity', 'Fatfingers', 'Virion', 'How to Live the Good Life: A User's Guide for Modern Humans' and 'The Words That Shaped Me' - Book review

Daniel's Dream

Charles Riley & Robert Lynch

Plain & Simple Books

9781460920909, $13.95, www.amazon.com

When you lose a child, the grief can ruin your life. "Daniel's Dream: The Founding of the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education and Scholarship Program" tells the story of how two parents who lost their son to a wanton and reckless shooting dedicated themselves to their son's memory by furthering what he loved - art. A memoir of grief and a memoir of remembrance, "Daniel's Dream" should ring true with any parent who is trying to cope with such a terrible event.

We x Infinity

Charlie Pedersen

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432758899, $16.95, www.outskrrtspress.com

As the world seems to fell more into part, people look for better answers to it all. "We X Infinity" is a collection of metaphysical studies from Charlie Pedersen as he presents a metaphysical fiction work as he shows 22nd century scientists sending something back and offering a glimpse of our future and what is to come, and what can be done. "We X Infinity" ponders our world, its problems and what we can do to try to make sense of it all, thoughtful reading.


Charlie White

Privately Published


9780578057743, $TBA print / $5.00 Nook ebook

When you fail at one thing, try another. "Fatfingers" is the story of Etienne Gaspard, a carpenter driven from his home in Nova Scotia into the south. Finding his true calling as a chef, he finds something to be treasured in the deep south of his home. "Fatfingers" is a moving novel of historical fiction, recommended reading with author Charles White pledging profits to the New Orleans Red Cross.


James R. Templer

Black Rose Writing


9781612960203, $18.95, www.blackrosewriting.com

Every power has its cost, and it may just be Richard Alexander's sanity. "Virion" follows artist Richard Alexander who through his art, can gain insight on those who have committed violent crimes. But when true evil enters the picture, Alexander finds his power has massive cost, first his family, and then maybe his life. "Virion" is an exciting thriller and...

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