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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
Position:Book review

The Mighty Eighth

Lt. Col. John Wayne Goodson, USAF (Ret.)

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

127 East Trade Center Terrace

Mustang, OK 73064

9781617393402 $10.99 www.tatepublishing.com

The Mighty Eighth: The Human Story of How the Vietnam War was Won is a sharply worded indictment of American Congressional indecisiveness, restrictions, and lack of leadership that, according to Vietnam veteran and retired Air Force member Lt. Col. John Wayne Goodson, cost the U.S. victory in the Vietnam war. If American forces had been given free rein to use carpet bombing as they saw fit, Goodson alleges, it could have turned the tide in as little as two weeks. Goodson also sharply lambasts unproven allegations of American war crimes (with the notable exception of the My Lai massacre, a proven incident) that tarnished the reputations of American soldiers who shed blood, risked all and died for their country. Goodson is particularly unforgiving of former presidential candidate John Kerry, who he portrays as mercilessly and personally sabotaging both the Vietnam war and the brave people who served honorably. A passionate, opinionated, yet unflinchingly honest and straightforward testimony, The Mighty Eighth is an unforgettable blend of military memoir and the richly deserved chastising of a government that allowed its bravest and best to flounder in an unnecessarily dragged out war.

Disorder and Early Love

Wolfgang Lederer

Cypress House

155 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

9781879384804, $49.95, www.cypresshouse.com

One man's love for another is not a modern creation. "Disorder and Early Love: The Eroticism of Thomas Mann" discuss the strong elements of homoeroticism found in many of the man's works which often stepped around the topic lightly, the subject being strongly taboo at the time. Also covered are his eroticism in other subjects, providing an intriguing perspective on the topics of sexuality in a traditionally regarded as repressed. "Disorder and Early Love" is an intriguing addition to any literary history and criticism collection, highly recommended.

Billy Boy

William May


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456722388, $17.99, www.authorhouse.com

Shielded from the world, when life finally breaks through, it comes at you like a ton of bricks. "Billy Boy" is the memoir of William May as he recollects his life of growing up devoutly Catholic. An altar boy who was exiled to an all boys school right as he developed an eye for the...

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