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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
Position:Nonfiction works - Book review


Eden Sterlington

Outskirts Press, Inc.

10940 South Parker Road, #515

Parker, CO 80134

9781432761042, $17.95, www.outskirtspress.com

Happiness is attainable, one just needs to reach out and grab it. "SatisFillment" is a self-help and spiritual read as Eden Sterlington encourages readers on how to inspire themselves to look forward to everyday, learn to forgive, and be content with life, as well as attain greater health. "SatisFillment" has plenty to consider in how to take a more active role in one's own happiness, recommended.


Roland Allnach

Privately Published

9780984629701, $16.99, www.allthingshtatmatterspress.com

The same thing that brings us a paradise can very easily bring us a wasteland. "Remnant" is a collection of three science fiction novellas from Roland Allnach as he presents unique tales of many futures and what we reach for to try to make sense of everything around our lives. With plenty to ponder and plenty to keep readers reading, "Remnant" is a fine assortment of thought, highly recommended.

Watching Grandma Circle the Drain

Allen Smith


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781463437930, $15.95, www.authorhouse.com

This era is not a good era to be getting old. "Watching Grandma Circle the Drain" is a memoir of columns as Allen Smith provides his unique views on the world and everything else, showing his long series of published columns as he offers plenty of ideas on how to deal with a changing world. Fun and fast paced reading, "Watching Grandma Circle the Drain" is a strong pick for those seeking a good blend of humor and memoir.


Amnon Goldstein


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450294355, $23.95, www.iuniverse.com

Through anything and anything, the duty to heal often wins out. "Screwed: The Path of a Healer" is a memoir from Amnon Goldstein as he reflects on is journey through many aspects of medicine and life and everything he has learned along the way, branching into other disciplines and going through Israel and South Africa, facing countless diseases and challenges. A memoir of a doctor who has seen a bit of everything, "Screwed" is a choice pick for anyone seeking a memoir of a medical doctor.

Remembering Private Lamb

Leon Cooper

Privately Published

9780979058455, $14.95, www.rememberingprivatelamb.net

There are many questions of history and of life that remain unanswered. "Remembering Private Lamb" is a collection of short fiction as Leon Cooper...

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