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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
Position:Book review

2012 the Awakening

Bill Douglas

Privately Published

9781450548793, $19.99, www.2012theAwakening-TheNovel.com

With 2012 drawing ever closer, people are in a bigger hurry to find the truth than ever before. "2012 The Awakening" is a novel that focuses on the rush towards the date that discusses what the earth on a collision course with as the major faiths and philosophy of the world speaks their own prophecies, each coming true in their own way. Riveting metaphysical fiction, "2012 the Awakening" is a must for 2012 phenomena fans.

Russia's Prestige

Kashif Parvaiz

Outskirts Press

10940 S Parker Road-515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432766115, $34.95, www.outskirspress.com

Russia has an architectural style that is unlike anywhere else in the world. "Russia's Prestige" is a study of Russia's architectural history from Kashif Parvaiz as he presents a dedicated study that follows the evolution of its development into the modern day and the impact of history that has forced changes over the years. Thoughtful history with photography throughout, the story behind Russia's famous domes and other beauties makes: "Russia's Prestige" very much worth considering.

The Losing Role

Steve Anderson

Privately Published

9781453855454, $11.99, www.stephenfanderson.com

With no combat training or skill, and only acting talent and guts, Max Kaspar have to pull off quite a lot. "The Losing Role" tells the story of Kaspar who with his failed acting career in Germany tries to flee to America. But this endeavor is wrought with danger, and author Steve Anderson constructs a historical thriller in "The Losing Role" that should prove quite difficult to put down.

Film Finance

Jeffrey Taylor

Privately Published

978097204755, $24.95, booksbyjeffreytaylor.com

You can have the best ideas in the world, but you need to be able to pay to get them off the ground. "Film Finance for Beginners" is a guide for aspiring filmmakers who want to get their finances together in order to make their dreams come to life. Too often independent film makers fail because of money more than anything else, and Jeffrey Taylor gives plenty of advice for making one's work come to life without filing for bankruptcy. "Film Finance for Beginners" is a fine collection with plenty of wisdom, not to be missed by those seeking to make their first film.


Ted Miller Brogden

Privately Published

9780615360041, $15.99

The truth is what all search for, it just proves ever more difficult to do it through a drunken...

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