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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
Position:Book review


Mark Rogers

Amalgam Studio

2637 N. Southport, Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

9780984568833, $19.95, www.cornholebook.com

The simplest of things can prove the hardest to let go. "Cornhole: Throwing Bags in a Hole" is a deeper dive into what seems like the simplest of games . Outlining the standards and rules of what Cornhole should be, Mark Rogers explains the game and the deeper aspects that are not readily apparent. Thoughtful with plenty of advice to be the champion of the next tailgate game you see, "Cornhole" is a fun and useful read for those who enjoy this simple yet something more event.

Forbidden Strawberries

Cipora Hurwitz


244 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10805

9781885881380, $19.99, www.multieducator.net

The very young found themselves under the force of the Holocaust most heavily. "Forbidden Strawberries" tells the story of Cipora Hurwitz and his challenges of the Holocaust, finding herself not even ten when the troubles began to rage throughout Europe. Telling her story of her survival and her recovery, "Forbidden Strawberries" is a fine addition to any Holocaust memoir collection, highly recommended.

Cowboys Can Fly

Ken Smith

Lethe Press

118 Heritage Ave, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

9781590213285, $13.00

Nearing adulthood, the truth of your life comes together. "Cowboys Can Fly" is story of two young boys in the United Kingdom coming to terms with their sexuality through the bonds neither had and the need for love that both feel. A touching story of young love and understanding friendship, "Cowboys Can Fly" is charming and recommended reading, not to be missed.

The Christmas Gift

R. William Bennett

Burgess Adams

5406 W 11000 North, Highland, UT 84003

9780982560631, $14.95

Some friendships form on the most odd of circumstances. "The Christmas Gift" tells the story of a friendship and its strange origins. As a young man stands up to a bully and becomes a hero, the bully becomes a victim to him and through conversation and understanding, a new friendship is born. With a simple and powerful message, "The Christmas Gift" is a fine take and heartwarming read, highly recommended.

The Scorpion's Sting

J. D. Masterson

Tate Publishing

127 E. Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064

9781616636524, $28.99, www.tatepublishing.com

When your missing persons case entwines with ancient mysteries, you know your in for a rough test. "The Scorpion's Sting" is an exciting spin into mystery and intrigue as Dr. Magdalena LaSige, criminal...

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