Budget cuts lead to reduced populations.

Author:Gormsen, Lia
Position::News Briefs - Brief article

An Associated Press article reported that the U.S. prison population may drop for the first time in nearly four decades. Faced with shrinking budgets, states are reconsidering the punitive sentencing policies that proliferated in the 1970s and 1980s. "It's a reversal of a trend that's been going on for more than a generation," said David Greenberg, a sociology professor at New York University. Last year, 739,000 prisoners were admitted to state and federal facilities, about 3,500 more than were released, according to new figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. That is a 0.8 percent increase--the smallest annual increase this decade and significantly less than the 6.5 percent average increase of the 1990s. Texas once...

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