Buckley, Michael. The Sisters Grimm; the fairy tale detectives.

Author:Wells, Annette
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BUCKLEY, Michael. The Sisters Grimm; the fairy tale detectives. Amulet Books. 304p. c2005. 0-8109-5925-9. $14.95. J*

Move over Violet, Klaus, and Sunny! You'll be sharing the stage with seven-year-old Daphne and 12-year-old Sabrina, the Grimm sisters, descendents of the Brothers Grimm! Fans of Lemony Snicket will adore this new series. Imagine that the fairy tales we read as kids were actually true and were written down as historical accounts, and the Everafters, the name fairy tale creatures prefer, live alongside humans, using magic to hide their identities. Finally, imagine a destructive giant loose in the town. Welcome to Ferryport Landing, home of Relda Grimm, and grandmother to these girls. After their parents "disappear," they are forced to live in foster care and eventually come to live with their grandmother, who moonlights as a detective. She is also the keeper of Snow White's mirror, which helps her keep the...

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