A Brush with Death; A Susie Mahl Mystery.

Author:Foster, Claire
Position::Brief article - Book review

Ali Carter; A BRUSH WITH DEATH; Point Blank (Fiction: Mystery) 14.99 ISBN: 9781786072764

Byline: Claire Foster

Susie Mahl knows a few things about the fine art of sleuthing. In A Brush with Death, the unlikely detective unravels a murder mystery in the idyllic English countryside. This self-effacing, humorous mystery has a light touch and a good eye for detail.

Susie knows that life rarely goes as planned. Her underwear drawer, packed with fluffy, frilly lingerie, hints at a more glamorous life than the one she's living. Instead of painting fine art, she makes a living as a pet portraitist. Her commissions allow her to mix with the upper classes, "filling a spot as the single, eccentric artistic friend." She's comfortable as a token misfit, but her outsider perspective comes in handy when the Earl of Greengrass is found in a scandalous state, dead as a doornail outside the village church.

As the local police begin their queries, Susie finds a few telling clues of her own. She finds that her artist's eye makes her a perfect investigator. Weaving together details about painting and drawing...

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