A Brush with Death.

A Brush with Death

Jody Summers

JS Books Publishing


9781733177504, $14.99, PB, 399pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: It all started innocently enough when New Orleans painter Kira McGovern mixed some of her mother's cremated ashes into her oil paints. Entering an altered state, she channeled key moments of her mother's life into a breathtaking memorial work of art. Her new business, Canvas of Life, was begun, and commissions rolled in.

But things get strange when Kira meets Sean Easton, a Midwestern rancher, hiding a secret of his own. Both are unprepared for the horrific terrors that emerge with every brush stroke from an unexpected new commission. Even as the pair fall for each other, the evil in the painting grows more malevolent. Soon, the awakened entity isn't satisfied to just flood Kira's dreams with blood and murder. It wants her as its next victim.

Can Kira and Sean...

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