Bruchac, Joseph. Foot of the Mountain and Other Stories.

Author:Boardman, Edna
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BRUCHAC, Joseph. Foot of the mountain and other stories. Holy Cow Press, 137p. c2005.0-930100-62-X. $14.95. SA

There are some wonderful short stories reflecting American Indian lore and culture in this collection of 18 stories and essays, pulled together by Bruchac (author of many books) from his work originally published elsewhere. Bruchac is an Abenaki Indian, university educated and widely traveled ("I did a three-year stint as a volunteer teacher in West Africa."). The culture, the personalities, the language, the old ways of his tribal ancestors call to him as he engages in the process of valuing what is old while living in the world as he finds it today. There is quite a range of subjects and settings in these stories and essays. Examples: Indians fight in the Civil War, link culturally to each other. Indians relate to (and outwit) white men who hardly know they've been outwitted....

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