Browsing Nature's Aisles.

Author:Fleischmann, Maya
Position:Book review

Wendy Brown (author), Eric Brown (author); BROWSING NATURE'S AISLES; New Society Publishers (Nonfiction: Nature) 17.95 ISBN: 9780865717503

Byline: Maya Fleischmann

Readers share the suburban bounty of wild, healthy, and delicious edibles discovered by a newbie foraging couple.

Wendy and Eric Brown, in their quest for a more self-sufficient lifestyle, decided to spend a year incorporating foraged food into their diet. Browsing Nature's Aisles tells the story of why and how they lived off the land, and how the experience helped them become more in touch with nature and all it has to offer.

Before this concerted foraging effort, the authors, a suburban couple living on a quarter acre of land in Maine, had only dabbled in foraging, enjoying maple syrup and blueberry picking. "Wild edibles remained a curiosity, but not a dietary staple," they say, partly because the selection of guidance books was sparse. As the couple became increasingly aware and wary of genetically engineered foods, food contamination, BPA-lined cans to store food, increasing food costs, and food scarcity, they concluded that "the logical choice seemed to be learning to live off what Nature provided for free."

The couple's adventures in foraging show that much of the their knowledge about the subject came by "simple observation followed by a...

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