Brown, Amanda. Family trust.

Author:LaMontagne, Phyllis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BROWN, Amanda. Family trust. Penguin, Plume. 319p. c2003. 0-452-28553-4. $14.00. SA

Two worlds collide in the elite society of New York City. Becca Reinhart, successful, high-energy financier, has no time for marriage and no ambition beyond reaching the upper echelons of Wail Street. Enter Edward Kirkland, likable heir to his parents' diamond fortune. His primary responsibility is regular attendance at elegant dinners, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful and admiring girls. When the parents of four-year-old Emily Stearns die, Becca and Edward discover that they are the appointed guardians. Never mind the fact that the two have never met; they must now collaborate in the raising of a young child, an unexpected challenge that changes their priorities dramatically. Becca and Edward bring sanity to little Emily's life with their common-sense approach to child-rearing and genuine love for their new child. Perhaps no one is more surprised at the predictable outcome than they are as they begin to discover common ground beyond that of mutual parenting.


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