Recent Changes--Personnel Actions Brought to the Attention of Manual Editors June 2-July 21, 2006



Personnel actions brought to the attention of Manual editors June 2-July 21, 2006

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U.S. Courts of Appeals

69 U.S. Circuit Judge for the Eighth Bobby E. Shepherd, confirmed July 20, vice Morris S.

Circuit Arnold, retiring.

70 U.S. Circuit Judge for the Ninth Sandra Segal Ikuta, confirmed June 19, vice James R.

Circuit Browning, retired.

70 U.S. Circuit Judge for the Tenth Neil M. Gorsuch, confirmed July 20, vice David M.

Circuit Ebel, retired.

White House Office

86 Assistant to the President for Kevin Sullivan, appointed July 11.


Office of Management and Budget

92 General Counsel Jeffrey A. Rosen, announced June 9, vice Raul F.


Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

97 U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schawb, confirmed June 8, vice Robert J.


Department of Defense

150 Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Michael L. Dominguez, confirmed June 29.

Defense for Personnel and Readiness

151 Director of Operational Test and Charles E. McQueary, confirmed July 21, vice Thomas

Evaluation P. Christie, resigned.

Department of the Air Force

160 Assistant Secretary Sue C. Payton, confirmed July 21, vice Marvin R.


National Defense University

198 President Frances C. Wilson, assumed position July 14, vice

Michael M. Dunn, retiring.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

210 Commissioner Philip D. Moeller, confirmed July 14, vice Patrick

Henry Wood III, resigned.

210 Commissioner Jon Wellinghoff, confirmed July 14, vice William

Lloyd Massey, term expired.

210 Commissioner Marc Spitzer, confirmed July 14, vice Nora Mead

Brownell, resigned.

Housing and Urban Development Department

236 President, Government National Mortgage Robert M. Couch, confirmed June 15, vice Ronald

Association Rosenfeld.

236 Director, Office of Federal Housing James B. Lockhart III, confirmed June 15, vice

Enterprise Oversight Armando Falcon, Jr., resigned.

Department of State

300 U.S. Ambassador to Australia Robert D. McCallum, Jr., confirmed June 29.

300 U.S. Ambassador to Benin Gayleatha Beatrice Brown, confirmed June...

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