Brokered deal: NCAB acquires M-Wave.

Author:Buetow, Mike

ROMMA, SWEDEN -- NCAB Group in late May announced its acquisition of M-Wave International's PCB division. The deal between the two printed circuit board distributors creates a single company with revenues of more than $130 million per year.

The purchase of Chicago-based M-Wave is NCAB's second major deal in three years. In 2012 it acquired PD Circuits, another US-based board broker.

Privately held M-Wave has annual revenues estimated between $15 and $25 million a year. Including M-Wave, NCAB Group now has 13 locations around the world and 250 employees, including 70 in China.

"This is a great opportunity for all of us," said Bob Duke, former president of M-Wave's PCB division. "As the PCB supply market continues to evolve, I felt that this was an excellent time for M-Wave to expand its resources. Joining with NCAB will give us even more leverage to support our customers' requirements."

Duke has been named managing director of NCAB. He co-purchased the company...

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