Broken Angels.

Author:Trask, Sheila M.
Position:Book review

Molly Best Tinsley (author); BROKEN ANGELS; Fuze Publishing (Fiction: Thriller) 16.99 ISBN: 9780989730600

Byline: Sheila M. Trask

Intrepid CIA operative Victoria Pierce trades the sandstorms of Sudan for the Ukrainian steppes in the latest spy thriller from accomplished author Molly Best Tinsley. In Satan's Chamber, Tinsley introduced Pierce as a novice who nonetheless trekked to North Africa to find her missing father. In Broken Angels, the clever agent takes her crime-solving skills to Ukraine, on an undercover mission to thwart the illegal export of highly enriched uranium. It's a tall order, but Pierce is never one to back down from a challenge. Instead, she also takes on a ruthless gang of sex traffickers who prey on young girls. With Tinsley's expert research and eye for detail guiding the story, the two cases weave themselves into an elaborate web that even Pierce is challenged to untangle.

Tinsley creates emotional charge through breathtakingly close calls at border checkpoints and eye-to-eye confrontations with would-be slave traders. Victoria and her colleagues, including zealous archaeologist-activist Hannah, seldom back down. Still, they're...

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