Broadcasting Board of Governors



330 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20237

Phone, 202-203-4545. Internet,

Chairman Kenneth Y. Tomlinson

Members Joaquin F. Blaya, Blanquita Walsh Cullum, D. Jeffrey Hirschberg, Edward E. Kaufman, Norman J. Pattiz, Steven J. Simmons

(Secretary of State, ex officio) Condoleezza Rice

Executive Director Brian T. Conniff

Deputy Executive Director Bruce Sherman

Legal Counsel Carol Booker

Chief Financial Officer Janet Stormes

Congressional Coordinator Susan Andross

Senior Adviser for Communications Howard Mortman

Strategic Planning Manager Bruce Sherman

Management and Program Analyst John Giambalvo

Chief Information Officer Ronald Linz, Acting

Director, International Broadcasting Bureau (vacancy)

Chief of Staff Janice Brambilla

Director, Office of Civil Rights Delia L. Johnson

Associate Director for Management Stephen S. Smith

Associate Director for Program Support Gary Thatcher

Director, Office of Engineering and Technical George A. Moore


Director, Voice of America David S. Jackson

Chief of Staff Marie Lennon

Associate Director for Language Kelu Chao


Associate Director for Central Ted Iliff


Associate Director for Operations Mark L. Prahl

Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting Pedro V. Roig


The Broadcasting Board of Governors ensures and safeguards the integrity, quality, and effectiveness of American international broadcasters. The mission of U.S. international broadcasting is to promote the open communication of information and ideas in support of democracy, and the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information worldwide.


The Broadcasting Board Governors (BBG) became the independent, autonomous entity responsible for all U.S. Government and Government-

sponsored nonmilitary, international broadcasting, by authority of the Foreign Affairs Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998 (22 U.S.C. 6501 note), on October 1, 1999.

The BBG encompasses all U.S. international broadcasting services, but the day-to-day broadcasting activities are carried out by the individual BBG international broadcasters: the Voice of America (VOA), Alhurra, Radio Sawa, Radio Farda, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/

RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA), and Radio and TV Marti, with the assistance of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB).


Voice of America The Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts on radio...

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