Britain's Forgotten Fighters of the First World War.

Author:Bobrow, Carl J.
Position:Book review

Britain's Forgotten Fighters of the First World War. By Paul R. Hare. Stroud, U.K.: Fonthill Media, 2014. Photo graphs. Pp.160. $29.95 ISBN: 1-781551979

Paul Hare is well known for his in-depth works on World War I British aircraft. Therefore, it was not at all surprising to find that he was able to examine seventeen aircraft in this trim little volume. In each instance he was able to provide a general review of the aircraft's design characteristics, production history, date of service and deployment to the front line, as well as some of the service history, including the pilots and squadrons who flew them. In a final look, he goes on to present what could best be described as the aircraft's issues and the type's final disposition.

It did not take the combatants in The Great War very long to grasp that war in the air was a grim reality. Although it was first seen as random events where armed aircraft were intercepting and, in some cases, destroying their opponents. Soon enough it became a regular occurrence. More forward thinking officers on both sides knew that it would be only a matter of time before the enemy would exert primacy with well-armed aircraft. Primarily two-seater reconnaissance aircraft were equipped with machine guns for defensive as well as offensive purposes. The race was on and Germany would gain the initiative with their machine-gun-synchronization gear providing forward firing capabilities to their quick and nimble single-seaters.

Hare begins the book by covering the first instances of the...

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