Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman.

Author:Call, Anna
Position:Book review

Rowdy Yates; BRING ME THE HEAD OF YORKIE GOODMAN; New Pulp Press (Fiction: Pulp) 14.95 ISBN: 9780692387566

Byline: Anna Call

Alongside a portrayal of mobsters clinging desperately to their masculinity, Yates reveals the nonsense of violence and revenge.

The assassins: two hit men from North Carolina. The target: a Hoosier farmer named Yorkie Goodman. The purpose: hard to say. Every player in this pulpy, character-driven crime novel has his own agenda.

Hit man Wallace sees Yorkie's death as a means of atoning for leaving his wife fourteen years earlier. Crime lord Boss uses the ensuing chaos as a means of toughening up his stepson and nominal heir, Abel. Carp, a bizarre murder savant, merely wishes to be thorough and professional in achieving his goal. As bodies pile up and the theoretically simple mission becomes complicated, the members of the conspiracy against Yorkie Goodman will be tested, tormented, and maybe, just maybe, will live to see their own brand of justice served up to an unfair world.

Despite its preponderance of middle-aged mobsters, Rowdy Yates's Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman is a coming-of-age tale, a song of accidental and often abortive manhood. Couched in a combination of selfishness and guilt, Wallace's attempt to...

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