Briefing the senior execs? 6 tips to make your case.

Position:HR Trends

When you're invited to brief senior-level executives (or a board of directors) on your HR team's initiatives and activities, here's how to make a favorable impression:

  1. Know your audience. Who are you briefing, and how much do they already know about the subject? Consult with one exec before to identify hot-button issues and get a sense of how much background to include.

  2. Plan and rehearse. Once you've put together your materials, schedule several rehearsals. Deliver the briefing in front of a colleague or friend to get feedback. Where did the presentation lag? Are there points you should discuss at greater length?

  3. Start strong. Your audience consists of busy, intelligent people. Avoid humorous patter and dive right in. If you have 30 minutes, build your intro as if you have only five minutes to make your case. That means leading with all the information your audience really cares about--high-level findings, conclusions...

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