Briefcase Essentials.

Author:Kaiser, Pamela Harris
Position:Book review

Susan T. Spencer (author); BRIEFCASE ESSENTIALS; Greenleaf Book Group (Business & Economics) $19.95 ISBN: 9781608320806

Byline: Pamela Harris Kaiser

Susan Spencer has accomplished some amazing things in life and invites us to join her in doing likewise with her debut book on women in business. An attorney, historian, mother, successful entrepreneur and business school lecturer, Spencer's career has traversed venues from schoolrooms to locker rooms, boardrooms, factories and distribution centers. As Vice President and General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL Franchise, to operating a tennis clothing manufacturing company and managing mergers of meat processing plants in Atlantic City, Detroit, and Poland, she has embraced challenge and overcome obstacles. Along the way, Spencer developed skills and strategies to minimize conflict and maximize success. She shares her outline for success in a succinct volume aimed at women (but also of interest to men) whom Spencer believes have unique tools for succeeding in business.

In many ways, this book is about communication and how readers can use the feminine traits of intuition and compassion in promoting positive business outcomes by engaging in effective communication and problem solving with their colleagues in and out of the workplace. The book is organized around twelve abilities ranging from "Being Able to Ask for Help" to "Being a Builder of Professional Relationships" along with a further helpful guidelines. Among...

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