A Brief Note from the Editors

Date01 March 2015
Published date01 March 2015
A Brief Note from the Editors
Issue 1 of Volume 49 constitutes the beginning of the second vol-
ume to appear under our editorship.
A year ago, when “our” first issue (Vol. 48, No. 1) appeared,
we introduced ourselves. We are still the same, except for those
changes that the advancing of life by another year and the pleas-
ures and challenges of editing a journal produced. Our greatest
editorial pleasure has been witnessing, up close, how excellent
papers became yet better and then a bit better again until they
finally appeared in the journal. This pleasure is closely linked
with a second experience: the dedication of the many reviewers
who take their task, the papers under review, and the authors
seriously, as they provide helpful critiques and productive sugges-
tions. We are more grateful to these reviewers than we can
express. This includes, especially, members of the editorial board,
among them many junior scholars with an already impressive
scholarly standing and dedication to the journal. Finally, we
thank the authors for submitting their work to the LSR. Authors
understand how selective we have to be. Our invitations to revise
and resubmit make clear that a revision is not a guarantee of
publication. In some cases papers that received feedback and
improved substantially in the revision process were still not
accepted. Nonetheless, the likelihood of revised papers to appear
in the Review increases from below 10% to above 50%. We are
grateful to those authors who graciously accept our decisions
because, while difficult, these decisions are necessary in light of
the limited space available to us.
Looking back at Volume 48 we find that we have stuck to the
guiding principles we laid out a year ago and we will stick to
them as we move ahead with the next volumes. First, we look for
excellence and relevance to the study of law and society. Second,
while conceiving of the Law & Society Review as a social science
journal, we are—within that frame—liberal with regard to sub-
stantive, methodological, and disciplinary orientation. Volume 48
contained research that is based on ethnographic work, interview
methodology, archival analysis, case studies, and advanced
Law & Society Review, Volume 49, Number 1 (2015)
C2015 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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