Bridging Perspectives: Abridge News provides readers with a variety of op-eds on trending topics.

Author:Garcia, Rachael
Position:Look Ahead - - Website overview

Following the political discourse of the 2016 presidential election, Abridge News was created to offer a way for people to consider differing views without the inevitable shouting matches. Although the site showcases contrasting views, it is meant to be an ally and partner for traditional newspapers and journalists to help frame their content in a broader context.

Laura Carpenter, one of three co-founders, said she was "sick of people--on both ends of the political spectrum--stereotyping without taking the time to understand and empathize."

To help combat stereotyping news from opposite political sides, the website enables readers to see topics from different perspectives, "creating a space for people looking to escape the echo chambers and filter bubbles," said Carpenter.

The website achieves this by providing readers with facts and a variety of curated op-eds on a trending topic every day. The small team of three (which also includes David Byas-Smith, co-founder and chief technology officer, and Kristine Sowers, co-founder and editorial lead) focus on one topic a day so they can properly produce vetted, high-quality, and relevant work, but as the team grows, the amount of content will scale proportionally.

Each topic is introduced with a set of relevant facts that aims to provide users with a brief, objective framework. The spectrum feature allows users to get an overview of perspectives by swiping left or right to navigate the different views. Abridge News doesn't use an algorithm; the team hand-picks every piece. To label the spectrum, they uses research on the topic to decide if it is political...

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