Author:Oliver, Charles

A spokesman for Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools says a local elementary school should not have called the police on a 10-year-old boy for playing with toy money. The spokesman said law enforcement should be called only if a student tries to use counterfeit money to buy something.

The Topeka, Kansas, police department has apologized for a Father's Day tweet inviting women to snitch on their babies' daddies. "Does your child's father have warrants? Is he carrying around any drugs? Has he been caught committing any crimes? Want to give him a Father's Day he'll never forget? Call TPD and we'll help your family make a memory that will last a lifetime," the tweet read.

A Murray, Utah, animal control officer cited Kate Anderson for "animal at large" and "not having a license," both misdemeanors, because Anderson's cat was lying on her front yard. Anderson says someone took a photo of the cat resting and reported her to the cops. A city ordinance defines an animal as at large unless it is physically confined to the property.

Students of Fairbury Public Schools in Nebraska who take part in sports and other extracurricular activities are subject to random drug testing. Now the district has announced it is expanding that program to include nicotine. It's also looking at placing sensors in school restrooms that can detect vapor from e-cigarettes.

Detroit cops suspected artist Sheefy McFly was vandalizing an aqueduct, but he was actually painting a mural for the city. He didn't have his work permit with him, but a municipal official showed up to tell the officers he was working on a public project. The police still arrested McFly, charging him with resisting arrest, obstruction of an officer, and having an outstanding traffic warrant. He...

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