Brice Claggett.

Author:Schwebel, Stephen M.
Position:Covington & Burling lawyer - Testimonial

I am very sorry to say that Brice Claggett of Covington & Burling died several days ago. He was a very brilliant student at Princeton and editor-in-chief of the Princeton newspaper. He traveled very widely in the developing world after his graduation and then entered practice with Covington & Burling.

He assisted Dean Acheson in the notable Temple case between Cambodia and Thailand in the International Court of Justice. When I was as the State Department he would come in and argue on behalf of clients, and I heard how persuasively he could argue. He was an exceptional expert on land and maritime boundaries and gave a large number of opinions to various governments on such issues. And he also was an historian. He was particularly absorbed by his family tree, which was a distinguished one, but his...

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