BRI Project By China Impact on Indian Oceantatic Associated States (A Case Study of Economic Development and Security Issues After Project).

Byline: Salma Shaukat


As the China is well aware of use the vacuum generated in the region after the Russian fall and the influence ofUSA. And to reduced the influence of USA in the region for the peaceful and armed free existence of the countries, China is utilizing the situation at her level best. However,India being an ally of USArecorded her reservations because she is well aware of the situation that the China must be promoting Pakistan being a major partner and lands space provider enabling her to execute the huge project. On the other hand, the growing concerns of India about the oceanetic and regional countries,China has made various efforts to satisfy the new Delhi that the project would not suffer India at any cost or at any level. The New Delhi assuming herself that the Beijing could damage Indian interest including both economic and strategic.

India has reservations that China might be disturbing the regional security as well as could damage the Indian trade hegemony and resultantly USA would be facing more reduced dominance in the region. The situation may be making weak to USA in future as the USAmade investments in shape of financially assisting India for of her (USA's) dominance. The growing anxiety of Indiais of actually fears of USA for which the both countries have diplomatic ties specially under hand. 1

The India is fearing about economic development under BRI excluding India as well as she is forecasting China and other countries would instantly growing by leaving India behin them. Similarly,in strategic development India has so many reservations like development in arms sector and joint-venture of ammunition production leading to aircraft making.2 The BRI, may affectUSA's arm business besides her influence in the region. The reason of developing this research paper is to elaborate the maximum and exact outcome of BRI, Indian fears pointed out by USA connected with this mega project. This paper would cover the security concerns of India, blame game and evidences and security concerns for the region specially to India. The paper would also narrate the economic impact to the countries which are declared partners of the BRI to keep research paper impartial, transparent and unbiased, the merits and demerits are included to strengthen the study and to generate strong arguments for the subject.

BRI And Initial Stages:

As an influence and dominance of the countries interested to rule over the specific country are increasing by the days, so to have grip by diplomatic way to states to achieve goals set by a state, there is still a rule "give and take" being observed in the countries rendering their services mostly found keen to keep their interests first. After the WW-Iand II the world's dimension to rule was entirely different, thus the countries always prefer to a strong economic and military power rather a week neighbour as a world became a global village and distance does not matter.3Almost a large number of countries are of the view that the USA must be given tough time by creating unity so that USA's nefarious designs must be reduce being harmful to the countries where the USA imposing unnecessary wars. The countries who are like minded are opinedUSA must not interfere in their territorial affairs.

Through the BRI the China not only emerging herself as the power but also securing the other countries to safeguard her project. The Chinese emergence in dominance actually time of the need to the counties located around the Indian ocean (IO).4 The United Nations (UN) and its subordinate organizations are also found to be satisfied over the Chinese initiative as the BRI will be reducing poverty alleviation and helping education sector interms of increasing literacy rate in under-developing countries for improving basic health facilities, combating with the childhood health issues.5 The UNO also considered that the BRI would also improve provision of shelters to the shelter less families.

The BRI on the other hand would also lesson the fears of investors in the region and they would be feeling secure while investing in variousinvestable sectors.6 The creation of jobs will not only bring the economic prosperity for the individuals and their families but also fasten the development speed of the regional countries.

Table 1 Summary of BRI Economic Corridors

Corridor###Partners###Example Projects

Bangladesh-China###Bangladesh, India,###* China-Myanmar crude oil and

India-Myanmar###Myanmar###liquified natural gas (LNG)

Economic Corridor###pipeline * Padma Bridge

China-Central Asia-###Iran, Kazakhstan,###* China-Kazakhstan passenger

West Africa Economic###Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait,###train * Manas airport

Corridor###Qatar, Saudi Arabia,###modernization (Kyrgyzstan) *

China-Indochina###Cambodia, Laos,###China-Laos Railway * Upgrade

Peninsula Economic###Thailand, Vietnam###of Lancang-Mekong ship route


China-Mongolia Russia###Mongolia, Russia###* Altai LNG pipeline (linking

Economic Corridor###Xinjiang and Siberia) *

China-Pakistan###Pakistan###* Gwadar free zone development

Economic Corridor###* Karakoram Highway, Phase II

New Eurasian Land###Belarus, Bulgaria,###* China-Europe freight trains (39

Bridge Economic###Czech Republic, Greece,###routes linking China with 9

Corridor###Hungary, Kazakhstan,###European countries) * Hungary-

While taking into the consideration the critical analysis of the BRI, the critics are of the view that the project will increase the level of anxiety among the countries over the rapid and competitive environment as the globe is already facing crucial relations after the economic depreciation so that the rising influence for china may increase the threat of war.8It is also hunch of the critics that the increasing influence of the china of the global economy would threat the European countries which are directly contributor of the world development. The china's speedy development and dominance in the eye of critics is dangerous to the balance of power in the eye of countries. The growing china" investment could enable to introduce domestically secured currency will better markup opportunities to the investors and resultantly strengthening the stock exchange improve it.9

Analyzing Power Comparison:

There are various power consents, however the soft and hard power and the policy making and action taking depends and very the state to state situation and based on their foreign policy. Many nations transformed and keep changing their foreign policy by the times reviewing ones the demands and contemporary challenges. As far as the actions of soft power are concerned they believes on positive civic developments and betterment of the citizens. The soft power impowers the citizens in political, economic and even cultural strength.10These are the factors which create an individual a secure citizen in the state having rightful life with liberty a citizen naturally needs to be given a security and socially empowered without any unnecessary energy to be wasted on defence. Citizen never intent to be involved in complexed living live under the week policies of state.

In the case of BRIChina is sing the power as s strength to influence the internationally community which is clearly meant that china is becoming world influence orbit and intent to use her power to rule the glove.11However,the BRI partners countries are indorsing the act of china thinking BRI will bring prosperity and strategic strength in the region by containing the influence the us and their allies. The resources available in the region a tangible resource that would be more enough as compare to the middle eastern oil wells.12The critics say that china to reduce the influence could use the network of her officials to influence the entire framework of the power. It could imbalance the power corridors as a china will largely enter in the veins of economy and strategy making in the regional countries with an unmeasurable speed to an execute her BRI project.

The critics have argued that china would create her hegemony in language, education, necessities of life, production of new products and even could change the social life structure of the countries.13 The USA, India and Japan have however some reservations over the social damage of the regional countries and it would advance the china in the region and the policies later...

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