A Brewski for the Old Man.

Position:Book review

Phyllis Smallman (author); A BREWSKI FOR THE OLD MAN; McArthur & Company (Mystery) $19.95 ISBN: 9781552788363

Most everyone faces this dilemma at some point: feeling compelled to help someone in desperate need, but knowing that the cost of doing so is high. And when the person in trouble is a child, the difficulty intensifies. This is the conundrum explored in A Brewski for the Old Man, author Phyllis Smallmanas latest Sherri Travis mystery.

In this installment, restaurant owner Sherri Travis hopes to survive until tourist season. The drama in her life seems to have settled down, and she has found a wonderful man. Once business picks up, she might just catch a break. Everything changes, however, when Ray John, the man who molested and almost raped her when she was thirteen, shows up. When Sherri learns he lives with a single mom and her teenage daughter, she resolves to protect the girl, convince her mother of the truth, and stop the abuser. And it wonat be easy, Sherri realizes, for aour dance of fear had just begun. It wouldnat end until one of us was dead or in prison.a But someone gets to Ray John first, with a gun, leaving Sherri the prime suspect.

Sherri thought she had enough problems keeping her business afloat and searching the Florida swamps for the arsonists who burned a family friendas junk yard. Now she must find Ray Johnas...

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