Breath to Breath.

Position:Brief article - Book review

Breath to Breath.

Craig Lew

Relish Media

9781939775085, $19.95, HC, 448pp,

Synopsis: William is seventeen when he's uprooted from his home and sent to live with his estranged father--someone he hasn't seen since he was a little kid. When he's unexpectedly dragged into a situation where he has no choice but to help an abused four-year-old boy, William's world is rocked to the core as he discovers the truth of the boy's experience of extreme sexual abuse. He and this boy are connected in ways William can't even imagine. As horrible memories begin to flood his consciousness, William's rage drives him to steal a neighbor's guns, convinced he must stop those responsible for causing a boy so much pain and betrayal. How William finds the love and compassion he needs to make the right choices is the heart...

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