Breath to Breath.

Author:Bucklin, Stephanie
Position:Brief article - Book review - Young adult review

Craig Lew; BREATH TO BREATH; Relish Media (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 19.95 ISBN: 9781939775085

Byline: Stephanie Bucklin

17-year-old William lives in a world full of secrets, secrets that follow him even when he moves cross-country to live with the father he barely knows. When William meets an abused four-year-old boy, he learns of the child's devastating past, one that calls forth a torrent of his own memories.

Told in lyrical verse, Breath to Breath is a provocative, challenging read about a young man struggling for both revenge and redemption in a world laced with evil. From the haunting, disturbing opening, all the way to the riveting...

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