Breaking Bitch.

Position:Breaking Bitch: Dismantling the Lies to Reclaim Your Truth - Book review

Breaking Bitch

J. R. Baker-Flowers

The Unlearning Project, LLC

9780692940754, $39.00, PB, 200pp,

Synopsis: The word "bitch" has become perhaps the most widely used and acceptable slur in the North American English language. In the last twenty-five years, our society has witnessed the meteoric rise of bitch's visibility in virtually every institution that fuels this civilization.

There has been a significant increase in the word "bitch's" appearance in countless television programs and films. There has been the emerging "trendiness" and "fashionability" in which the word "bitch" has been adopted in the spaces of digital media, retail production and the commercialization of alcoholic beverages and other commodities. There has been an escalating number of people in our society using the word "bitch" as a source of self-identification, as well as a "term of endearment" to friends, while also using the term as a defamatory insult.

In "Breaking Bitch: Dismantling the Lies to Reclaim Your Truth" social activist and documentarian J. R. Baker-Flowers, (who is the founder and creator of The UNLEARNing Project LLC), boldly addresses and penetrates the longstanding "culture of bitch" and offers a fresh voice to this pervasive sociocultural crisis.

Keenly identifying the intersecting macro institutions, (i.e. Judeo-Christian patriarchal...

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