Bread or Death.

Position:Book review

Bread or Death

Milton Mendel Kleinberg

Fifth Generation Books


Concierge Marketing Inc.

9780989928434, $16.95, 256pp,

Synopsis: World War II brought about scarcities of just about everything ... except misery. "Alle raise," (everybody out), the German soldiers screamed as they pounded on our door with the butts of their rifles. And thus began a 4,500-mile journey from Poland through Russia and Siberia and eventually to Uzbekistan in Central Asia, as the author Milton Mendel Kleinberg's family used bribery and darkness of night to flee as the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. Young Mendel, from age four to fourteen, tells in vivid detail the wretched journey in cramped cattle cars through frigid Russia, the indignities of being forced labor, the shame of begging for bread just to survive, and death of those closest to him. The family's plight includes abandonment, hunger, and separation (and later remarkable twists of fate and reunion) quite unlike other Holocaust stories. "Bread or Death: Memories of My Childhood During and After the Holocaust" is a coming-of-age, Holocaust memoir. A very personal account of how (through great sacrifices by his mother) he managed to survive the worst atrocities in human history and his uncertain days in a Polish Children's Home, scrabbling for fallen fruit, and surviving kidnapping and murder on the...

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