Breach of Contract Negligence.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District II

Case Name: Jennifer Korth, et al. James R. Hoffman, Jr., et al.

Case No.: 2017AP2293

Officials: Neubauer, C.J., Gundrum and Hagedorn, JJ.

Focus: Breach of Contract Negligence

This real estate case involves a property spouses Jennifer Korth and David Osterndorf (the Buyers) bought from James Hoffman. The Buyers brought claims for breach of contract, WIS. STAT. 100.18 (2015-16) violations, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation under WIS. STAT. 895.446 and 943.20(1)(d), strict responsibility and negligent misrepresentation, and a violation of WIS. STAT. 452.133 against the Hoffmans and/or their real estate broker, Tory Bruce Armitage, and brokerage firm, Shorewest Realtors...

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