Breach of Contract.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District IV

Case Name: J.C. Property Management, LLC, v. Thair Kutkut

Case No.: 2018AP690

Officials: KLOPPENBURG, J.

Focus: Breach of Contract

Thair Kutkut signed a contract with J.C. Property Management, LLC for eviction move-out services. J.C. Property brought this small claims action alleging that Kutkut had failed to make the contractually agreed payments for the move-out services it provided. Following a trial to the circuit court, the court determined that Kutkut had breached the contract and entered judgment against Kutkut in the amount of the remaining balance on J.C. Property's invoice, plus costs. Kutkut appeals, arguing that: (1) the contract is ambiguous; (2) the contract is unconscionable; and (3) the contract was formed under economic duress. As explained below, I reject each of Kutkut's...

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