Braving the outdoors.

You wouldn't go fishing in a sports jacket, hike up a mountain trail in a heavy overcoat, or, for that matter, brave a rainstorm with a flimsy windbreaker. What you should do, however, is check out Willis & Geiger's line of jackets. "Don't tell us how to make it cheaper, tell us how to make it better" is their motto, and they aren't kidding on either count, for while the prices may seem somewhat eye-popping, the quality of their product truly is world-class.

The Eisenhower Fishing Jacket ($198) was designed, in part, by Ike himself. On the outside, the three big bellows fly box pockets have buttoned flaps. In the rear is a leather net shield and a large zippered pouch to store the removable hood or a slicker. Inside are four easy-access fly box sleeves and a tiny pocket to hold the butt of your pole. The jacket is made of comfortable poplin, with vented gussets inserted under each arm to facilitate a smooth cast.

The Rucksack Jacket/Vest System ($278) is ideal for hiking, as both jacket and vest are suited for use with a backpack. The 100% cotton outer layer sheds wind and rain, and the three...

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