Brave New Arctic; The Untold Story of the Melting North.

Author:Jagareski, Rachel
Position:Book review

Mark C. Serreze; BRAVE NEW ARCTIC; Princeton University Press (Nonfiction: Ecology & Environment) 24.95 ISBN: 9780691173993

Byline: Rachel Jagareski

Geographer Mark C. Serreze admits that it took him a while to fully understand how human actions cause drastic environmental changes in the Arctic. However, when mounting evidence helped him reach his "epiphany," he shifted gears quickly, becoming an ardent advocate for the endangered polar region. His book sounds a clarion call about the global consequences of a melting north.

Serreze started his scientific career as a graduate student measuring ice caps in the Canadian Arctic. His narrative follows his path to becoming an expert on sea ice and Arctic physical geography. Concurrently, he summarizes scientific advances in data collection, computerization, and climate modeling that enabled scientists to tease out human influence from natural variability in the warming global climate.

Though full of acronyms and complex concepts, Serreze's text is clear, accessible to a popular audience and accompanied with numerous illustrations. Weather wonks and fans of polar adventure will be especially riveted as Serreze describes "Arctic amplification" -- the various environmental feedback loops that enhance rising...

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